It all started with a data-driven approach and a background in customer success.

Working for an AI-driven marketing company, I used my skillset to help clients maximize their revenue and sales growth. I also fell in love with data, behaviour-driven customer segmentation and personalized marketing campaigns. You could say the rest is history. 

This is a space dedicated to helping fashion and beauty brands scale using data-driven and profitable email and SMS campaigns.

Putting together email marketing and SMS campaigns as well as digital marketing strategies for direct-to-consumer fashion and beauty brands is my specialty.

I know a thing or two about digital marketing and all that it encompasses. Managing your strategy, I help your brand say goodbye to lost customers and missed revenue streams and hello to email marketing strategies that actually work for your business.

I use my expertise in all areas to create a well-rounded strategy that is informed by all facets of your company. 


I'm a data nerd. I love nothing more than analyzing numbers and trends.

I’m obsessed with customer successes, so it was only natural in 2018 that I started my consultancy. Soon discovering my passion for scaling fashion and beauty brands using targeted customer-centric campaigns and with a background in customer success, marketing technology and Software as a Service (SaaS) you can say it was a perfect fit. 

What I'm 


Cheeky copy, email and SMS campaigns that rock. Strong, powerful women. Inspiring women to start their own business. Listening to and creating my very own podcast. 

What I'm 


All about the underrepresentation of women in business. How to build a brand from the ground up. Effective copywriting. All things acquisition. 
Web3. How to step into the next version of me. 

What I'm 

not about

Artificial people, plants, or worse yet, artificial results. Bullsh*t, band-aid fixes, boring anything.  Long boring emails, subpar work, comparison. Toxic culture, mansplaining, hepeating.

what I


Success requires two key qualities: resilience and tenacity. Challenges are inevitable, you have to be resourceful and determined to overcome obstacles you encounter along the way. 


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Quality Skincare

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Start a DTC Brand

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Organizing Anything

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FIND WORK YOu          doing. with people you              spending time with.




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