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$211 AOV

92,106 SENDS

32,762 OPENS

2.09% CTR

International Fashion Brand

Like many online businesses, our client has a number of customers who have made one or two significant purchases, but do not visit or buy on a regular basis. This ‘valuable not loyal’ group represented approximately 17% of their base, and this fashion retailer wanted to increase the frequency of spend for this group.

Together with the client, we developed a special campaign thanking customers for their past purchase, and inviting them to purchase again, along with an offer tailored to them.

A week later we measured the open rate, click rate, and purchase conversion rate, and compared them with the client’s previous email campaign, sent to a broader, untargeted audience. While the open rate and click rate were both 1.5x higher in the new campaign, the purchase conversion rate was an astounding 5.5x higher!

The client not only found that more people were buying, but that the average purchase price had also increased, meaning that overall the new, segmented email campaign yielded sales 15.7 x higher than the previous campaign!

Yes - targeting individual segments required extra effort, but this case study shows us some segments can be small and mighty!

CVR Increase


Sales Increase


CTR increase






In Sales


Travel Agency

Our client, a boutique travel company, was struggling to convert website browsers into customers, unable to engage or create loyal, return customers out of them, despite heavy website traffic.

By working with the travel company to implement a series of targeted, triggered email campaigns we were able to help them:

- Boost engagement on their site
- Increase Itinerary Downloads
- Drive revenue

To achieve these goals we built the company two types of dynamic campaigns - these are brilliantly effective because they require only one workflow, but automatically personalize the content with the tour or product the client had viewed!

$73,500 in revenue from the two campaigns - 2.5 x ROI in just 3 months!

Check out this Blog post to learn all about how Triggered Email Campaigns could help you increase your engagement, not to mention the bottom line...

4,048 oRDERS

$131 AOV

Online Fashion Retailer

One of our online fashion retailer clients managed to grow their online order value by 26% last year through the email marketing strategy we implemented.

By getting super clear on their customer journey map, we were able to create a campaign of timely and relevant emails, offering personalized recommendations based on their previous purchases using smart, targeted remarketing.

1 in 7 of the store’s transactions involved clicking on these ‘recommended’ products in their emails, and because customers had a more personalized and engaging experience, they browsed an average of 22 items per session, 3.5x more than the site average. 

This increased the brand’s Average Order Value, as customers were being exposed to more complimentary items to add to cart. The AOV of these customers increased by 26% after our targeted campaign, and as high as 35% some months!

Increase in Items Browsed 


Increase in AOV


In Product Sold


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